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PNB Rock Death Video Twitter Reddit

PNB Rock Death Video Twitter Reddit
Jackboy talking about the PNB rock death

PNB Rock Death Video Twitter Reddit

The United States rapper PNB Rock was shot dead by unknown gunmen while the robbery was taking place at a Los Angeles restaurant, PNB Rock Death Video went viral on social media like Twitter and Reddit after a clip was uploaded that showed the dead body of the rapper

According to the police report, PNB was shot multiple times by gunmen and he was pronounced dead in less than an hour of the incident, there is no real reason that reveals why this was shot dead

PNB Rock Death Video Twitter Reddit

The US rapper PNB Rock Death has brought a lot of questions about why these gunmen tried to rob him in the first place, Some people are saying his death was related to his Instagram post

And many people are really reacting to this viral story on social media, Here are some tweets about his death:

"This PNB Rock death breaks my heart and I think it's because I'm so tired of my people killing each other over dumb shit fr. Regardless of whether his girlfriend posted his location or not. A black man killed another black man for something stupid"

"PnB rock’s death was so unnecessary. Forget about his GF's Instagram story. He didn’t need to have his life taken away from him for jewelry. What the fuck man"