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Texas Woman Arrested For Stillbirth (Stacy Cay On Twitter)

texas woman arrested for stillbirth arrest

Texas Woman Arrested For Stillbirth (Stacy Cay On Twitter)

The viral strange news that was posted on Twitter by Stacy Cay left many people with many questions about it, the Texas Woman Arrested For Stillbirth keyword went viral online after many people the news about a woman that was charged with murder for self-induced abortion, The texas stillbirth arrest topic is also trending on Twitter right now

According to the Vice Report said, “She miscarried at a hospital and allegedly confided to hospital staff that she had attempted to induce her own abortion and she was reported to the authorities by hospital administration or staff,”

Texas Woman Arrested For Stillbirth

People on Twitter are still reacting to this news after Stacy Cay posted a tweet of a texas woman's stillbirth arrest, "The lady in Texas charged with murder for abortion actually had a stillbirth (wasn’t even an abortion). The DA is now looking to dismiss the case. Texas arrested this woman, charged her with murder, and sent her to jail after she had a stillbirth." Stacy tweet

"This is unacceptable! If this is allowed to continue what do they do when it's one of their wives, daughters, and friends." someone tweeted