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Ghana Pastor Bathing Female Church Members Video

Ghana Pastor Bathing Female Church Members
Ghana Pastor Bathing Members

A viral video from social media left people surprised as it shows how Ghana Pastor Bathing Female Church Members inside a bath pot in public view, Why will a woman late a pastor or prophet bathe her publically while she knows that bathing is being recorded as a video

We have searched all over the Internet to find the actual clip of this news, At first, many people don't believe the rumors when they heard about it until they have watched the video, guess what? The video exactly shows how a pastor bathes female church members one by one

Pastor Bathing Female Church Members Video

We have found this video on some Facebook page, even the owner of the page seems surprised for seeing this strange thing and he wrote:

"A Ghanaian Pastor naked and baths church members during 31st December cross-over service. some people have claimed this was a scripted act to depict the ills going on in some churches, If this is truly a church, these fellows should be arrested, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, nobody deserves to watch their wife, daughter, sister friend, go through such a thing"

Ghana Pastor Bathing Members In Church

Many people react to this video on social media while most of them condemn it and say the church should be closed, how can a pastor bathing female church members in a video publically, is not that crazy? Here is the video below