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Oxford High School Shooting Reddit, Twitter (Video)

Oxford High School Shooting Reddit, Twitter

Oxford High School Shooting Reddit, Twitter (Video)

BREAKING: A shooter killed at least 3 students at Oxford High School in Michigan and wounded 6 other people, say police.

A 15-year-old suspect is in custody. Gun violence has killed over 1,380 children in the U.S. this year.

What we know about the Oxford High School shooting in Michigan:

▪️ At least 3 people killed, believed to be students
▪️ 6 wounded
▪️ Suspect, 15, in custody, handgun recovered

There have been 86 school shootings in the U.S. since 2018, according to an @educationweek tracker.

Oxford High School Shooting Reddit, Twitter

Video from a student inside Oxford High School when shots were fired.  Three dead, six others hurt.

Undersheriff Michael McCabe says 15-year-old Oxford High School shooting suspect in custody “is not telling us anything at this point in time.”

“Three deceased victims right now, who are all believed to be students. We have six others that were shot, one was a schoolteacher.”

Oxford High School Shooting Twitter Reactions:

This shooting is another reason why we need more gun control laws!

Maybe it's the only phone student/family could afford. At least can be used for emergency purposes. There's an active shooting and people are seriously concerned about video quality of a student trying to hide & cover! Wow!

This looks like it came from a flip phone and also the dude that records fights at school wait till one punch and hide the rest

This is so awful😠Now our State is added to the list of needless killings, we cannot sit idle anymore. Whatever the reason for this act, our present gun laws and regulations do not WORK !!! They need to be changed/amended. People minds change over time, if they own a gun.......

Let's see how quality your video footage would be while in the midst of an active shooter situation. God bless these young ppl.

My granddaughter is a student there.  She is safe, praise God.  May God have mercy on all who are not.