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Federal Government Housing Scheme Portal (Apply Now!)

federal government housing scheme portal

Federal Government Housing Scheme Portal (Apply Now!)

The Nigerian government has launched a new Scheme Portal for Nigerians who want to own a house in easy way, the portal has been launched under the National Housing Program

The purpose of bringing this project is to give any Nigerian perfect chance to buy a house without following long way, with housing scheme portal, you have 100% opportunity to own any house if you want,

The minister of works and housing, Babatunde Fashola said Federal Government Housing Scheme Portal is only available in 34 Nigerian states, the federal government has launched this portal for the sale of 100% completed houses

Federal Government Housing Scheme Portal

According to Babatunde Fashola not only National Housing Fund (NHF) users can own a house under this program, but people who are not registered through this portal are allowed to have a house if they want,

According to the report about more than 5,000 houses are available to purchase in the 34 Nigerian states, and you must be eligible before you can apply to Federal Government Housing Scheme Portal,

People must provide their verification details to be eligible for this program, apply now if you are ready to own a house in a simple way,