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Attaque Requins Egypte Video Twitter (mako shark attack egypt)

attaque requins egypte video

Attaque Requins Egypte Video Twitter (mako shark attack egypt)

After Australia, Another horrible deadly shark attack occurred in Egypt country where at least two ladies lost their life immediately. Attaque Requins Egypte Video went viral online after someone upload a clip on Twitter that shows how that woman was killed by a giant shark, And the video is really trending right now on many social media

This shark attack incident happened in Egypt water called the Red Sea, the first victim was a 68-year-old Australian woman that was swimming in the water when she meet her death, then another woman was found dead in the same water all by shark attack

Attaque Requins Egypte Video

An unknown social media user shared an Attaque Requins Egypte Video on Twitter that shows part of a woman's body in cold bold inside Red Sea water, many people found the video very disturbing after they watched it without blur or censored, this is the second big shark attack that happened in this year

The Egypt shark attack happened months after a big shark ate a man in Sydney water Australia, Many people are now afraid to go swimming in big water because of the shark attacks threat

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