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Garden State Parkway Accident Today (Crash Video On Twitter)

garden state parkway accident today

Garden State Parkway Accident Today (Crash Video On Twitter)

The recent news that is coming right now is about a car crash that happened on Garden State Parkway, Garden State Parkway accident today seems to be bad but some people said there was no death report on the accident, according to the someone that witnessed that crash shared a little video clip on Twitter that shows a car is burning with a strong fire

"Today in the garden state parkway, the passengers appeared to be okay standing far away from the fire. I could feel the heat on my face even with closed windows as I passed by, "someone wrote on Twitter

Garden State Parkway Accident Today

As many people are looking to find out what is really happening there, There is still no current news about what actually caused the accident at Garden State Parkway, but the full information about the crash is coming


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