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The 5 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

 The list of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries was compiled and updated by the Global Peace Index in collaboration with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). The list is ranked by perceived level of danger as voted on by experts from the Institute for Economics and Peace and a panel of international relations scholars and security personnel.

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a perilous nation. The Taliban have total control over large parts of the country. They are notoriously intolerant of visitors who do not follow their strict rules on behavior and dress. Furthermore, Afghanistan has the highest number of deaths from terrorism and war than any other country globally.

2. Yemen

Yemen ranks in as the second most dangerous country. As per the UN report, there has been an ongoing conflict for over five years now, resulting in many people dying of starvation and 4.3 million people leaving their homes, creating one of the worst humanitarian crises ever.

3. Syria

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, Syria is the third most dangerous country in the world. Since March 2011, the country has been plagued by the Syrian Civil War. This war is regarded as the second deadliest war of the 21st century. An internal displacement of people has taken place, and 5.7 million people have fled Syria, as per the March 2019 report.

4. South Sudan

South Sudan is yet another dangerous country in the world. The country has widespread violent crimes, such as assaults, kidnappings, carjacking, and robberies. In addition, there is also ongoing civil unrest and conflict, including armed conflict between the government and opposition groups. Furthermore, there are little to no rules outside Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

5. Iraq

Iraq has both external and internal conflicts, and a high likelihood of terrorist attacks. In addition, human rights violations include violations of women and freedom of assembly rights. Furthermore, ISIS has been known to fight with Iraqi armed forces, and capture and kill civilians.