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Girl Attacked By Crocodile In Zambia (Video)

Girl Attacked By Crocodile In Zambia

Girl Attacked By Crocodile In Zambia (Video)

The most tragic thing happened to a British teen who almost lost her life and the incident occurred in Zambezi river when a girl was attacked by a crocodile in Zambia,

Amelie Osborn-Smith 18 years old was attacked by a dangerous crocodile when tried to pull her leg and drag her underwater in the Zambezi river, the girl was lucky to escape from the crocodile but ended up with bad injuries.

The girl was lucky to be alive after a dangerous crocodile almost eat her, her parents already booked her flight to the UK and now she is receiving medical care in hospital

Girl Attacked By Crocodile In Zambia

BBC Report Amelie Osborn-Smith  statement when she is being treated in London hospital

"People say that you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don't, you just think: 'How do I get out of this situation?'

"Your brain just goes into overdrive. I was just very, very lucky."

She added that the incident would not deter her from returning to Zambia in the future.

"I can see now that your life can be over so quickly," she said.

"It sounds cliched, but if you're going to live thinking you're going to regret everything, you're never going to have a fulfilled life.

"I think, just do it all while you can, and don't let one incident hold you back."

The Amelie Osborn-Smith said her right leg is badly injured and her hip, but she will be okay

Girl Attacked By Crocodile In Zambia Video