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Watch: Akshara Singh Viral Video Divide Twitter

Akshara Singh Viral Video Twitter

Watch: Akshara Singh Viral Video Divide Twitter

The Indian actress Akshara Singh's news is currently trending all over the internet for the past 2 days after many people believed she was seen in the private video that leaked on social media, The Akshara Singh Viral Video shows a young woman with a man doing s**x while a woman was recording with a phone

But many people that already watched this video say it is likely fake or  not real at all, However, her fans have been defending her and they are sure its not Akshara Singh in that s**x video

Akshara Singh Viral Video On Twitter

According to some sources, the video was first leaked on Youtube before it went viral on other social media places like Twitter and Facebook. Akshara Singh was also seen on another viral video commenting about that leaked

"Akshara Singh's private video was being told. Actually, a channel on YouTube shared the video of the actress saying that Akshara Singh's MMS video had gone viral. But, when it was investigated, this video proved to be fake."