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Shop Owner Stabs Robber Las Vegas Store Twitter Video

Shop Owner Stabs Robber Store Video

Shop Owner Stabs Robber In Las Vegas Store Twitter Video

The viral clip titled Shop Owner Stabs Robber Las Vegas Store Twitter Video that was shared on social media shows how an Asian clerk via CCTV stabbed a robber that was come to take his money, And many are still looking to find this video after someone uploaded it on his Twitter profile

"A robber in the black bloc was stabbed & subdued by an Asian-American shopkeeper wearing flip flops in Las Vegas this week. The robber’s accomplice leaves his friend behind. Police are investigating the robbery & stabbing." Andy Ngo posted on Twitter

Shop Owner Stabs Robber Twitter Video

The 12 seconds video shows how three robbers were trying to escape after they saw the shop owner they had been stealing from him with a knife approaching them, They did their best to escape but in the end, the Asian shop owner got one of them and stab him multiple times

Many people who have already watched the video reacted to it on Twitter, "This is disheartening to see. The thief did not threaten him with a weapon, so the shop owner was not acting in self-defense. 

Taking away a life should never be a light matter people. Especially when it concerns theft without being armed." George tweet


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