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La Medical Examiner Cooper Noriega Die At Age 19, His Tiktok Last Post

la medical examiner cooper noriega

La Medical Examiner Cooper Noriega Die At Age 19, See His Tiktok Last Post

The popular American Tiktok star La Medical Examiner Cooper Noriega was found dead in a mall parking lot outside Los Angeles, the 19-year-old young boy was very popular on social media like Titktok and Instagram. Cooper Noriega's Instagram & Tiktok's Last Post was seemed to explain what happened to him

Cooper Noriega was found somewhere unconscious but there is no sign that shows any damage on his body like accident injuries or trauma, so no one knows what is exactly caused Cooper Noriega's death yet

La Medical Examiner Cooper Noriega

Many people that have been following this Tiktok star saw his last post on social media before he die, Cooper published his last post on Tiktok hours before he was found dead, here's what he wrote: "Who else b thinking they gon d!£ young af."

Cooper Noriega's Instagram last post was published five days before his death, he made a post on his Instagram about mental health and addiction. he even told his addiction story about how he has been struggling with it since he was 9 years old