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Dublin Airport Fight Twitter Video In Viral Watch

Dublin Airport Fight Twitter Video In Viral

Dublin Airport Fight Twitter Video In Viral Watch

The viral video about a Dublin airport fight video that is currently trending online leaves one man in the hospital and another one arrested, Dublin Airport Fight Twitter Video went viral after the video surfaced on many social platforms. fight in Dublin airport video happens between travellers which left both of them starting it

"Man hospitalised, another arrested, following a daytime fight in busy Dublin Airport terminal; I've watched the video a number of time, not once did I see ANY security personal what-so-ever, DAA need to waken up, if security inside Dublin airport can't do the job, Get Rid of them;" someone tweeted

Dublin Airport Fight Twitter Video

Many people are now talking about the Dublin airport fight video that was shared by online users on Twitter while some of them are blaming the airport security for the fight, here are what some people are saying:

"Just saw the video of the fight at Dublin airport. Disgrace. What I want to know is where was the security, or airport police. The video is over 2 mins long. And I saw no security or airport police. What if that was a terrorist attack"

"Clearly, they just removed the group responsible for this shameful brawl. Have you seen the videos? Animals. If they started a fight like that in a US airport, they’d have been shot. The Gardaí escorted them out. I hope they were all arrested." watch the video below