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Woman Assaulted By BodaBoda Forest Road Viral Video (Boda Boda Assault Video)

Woman Assaulted By BodaBoda Viral Video

Woman Assaulted By BodaBoda Forest Road Viral Video (Boda Boda Assault Video)

The viral video in Kenya country shows how Boda Boda riders harass a woman driver after a traffic incident along Forest Road, The video already that is trending online caused an uproar over the rising insecurity in Keny, Woman Assaulted By BodaBoda Forest Road Viral Video made many online users angry after they have watched the real Boda Boda Assault Video that has been shared on online many social media platforms

The video that was captured by an unknown man during the incident went viral on Monday, March 7, 2022, in the video, you would see how a crowd of young men roughed up the woman driver as they tried to force her out of the vehicle

Woman Assaulted By BodaBoda Viral Video

The woman was seen on the video screaming for help when BodaBoda men are trying to pull her out as her clothes were almost ripped in the process. A lot of Kenyan people condemn the Boda Boda Riders for an incident that happened on Forest Road after watching an assault video

As police said, the matter is already under investigation to find out what is really happened between that woman and Boda Boda that makes them harass her publically

Boda Boda Assault Video

The viral video of Boda Boda Assault on a woman was already being shared by many online users, if you want to watch the actual clip about that Click Here