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Cabo Spring Break Death 2022 ASU TCU Students Killed Says Twitter Report

Cabo Spring Break Death 2022 ASU Students Killed

Cabo Spring Break Death 2022 Several Students Died Says Twitter Report

The ongoing viral news in the United States seemed to be about Cabo Spring Break Death 2022 that many people want to know what is really happened to students after rumors on social media (especially Twitter) start spreading about the death of several students. What happened to students at Cabo spring break 2022?

According to the Twitter post that someone goes by Nikki Halbur posted on his profile says, "We just flew our ASU daughter home from Spring Break in Cabo. Several deaths of students have been confirmed by their travel company." Check His Tweet Here

But there is no real source that confirmed that news as many people are looking to find out the actual truth about it

Cabo Spring Break Death 2022

Also, Nikki Halbur added on Twitter, "We have heard that one female student was abducted and later found dead and that two male students were found hung. We were told it wasn't cartel-related, but drunk students were being targeted by locals. One death was confirmed as an accidental fall. Tragic situation

TCU ASU Students Killed In Cabo

"The accidental death was definitely ASU, I'm told the girl was also ASU. The boys that were found, I'm not sure. TCU students have said something happened to guys in their group. The information is so spotty coming out of there. And there is nothing in the news! Nikki Halbur wrote onTwitter

You can also check this Reddit post about that for more information, More Info is coming soon about this news, Stay tuned for the update