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Woman Killed By Horse In Ottawa Protest Dies (Trampled By Police Horse Twitter Video)

Woman Killed By Horse In Ottawa Protest

Woman Killed By Horse In Ottawa Protest (Trampled By Police Horse Twitter Video)

The recent viral sad news that left many online users with angry reactions, especially Twitter users shared a video about a Woman trampled and killed by a police Horse In Ottawa Protest that happened on Friday 18 Feb 2022, the news went viral as many people searching Woman Killed By Horse In Ottawa Protest just to find how did that woman die

Update: After we have published this article we have found out about the woman who was trampled by police Horse in the Ottawa protest is Still Alive in hospital, more information is coming about that

According to some eyewitnesses who saw what is really happened in during Ottawa Protest, the policeman mismanaged his Horse and ran into an elderly woman, and this was caused her life lost

Woman Trampled By Police Horse In Ottawa Dies

Many Twitter users blamed Canadian police for killing this woman who was out as a peaceful protester in Ottawa, "This isn't Canada, this is tyranny. police on horseback trample an elderly woman as she begs them to recognize that they are peacefully exercising their rights," a Twitter user wrote

As for now, many viral videos for killing this Ottawa woman (use the link to watch) are still trending on social media, and people are still posting her past interview videos during this protest


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  1. Straight out lie. I just watched an interview with her saying she’s okay. Hurt shoulder from falling down but did not get stepped on.
    Shame on you for misinformation

    1. Fox News claims she died. We don't know she is alive until now, we will update the article


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