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Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Pictures (Autopsy Photos)

byford dolphin accident bodies pictures

Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Pictures (Autopsy Photos)

The most gruesome accident that happened in history, which caused the loss of divers lives still fresh in many peoples' minds as many internet users start searching to find Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Pictures or autopsy photos about the Byford Dolphin incident that happened many years ago

The most unforgettable harrowing Byford Dolphin accident happened in 1983 as five men lost their lives in the most horrifying way 508ft below the surface of the North Sea when a compression mechanism malfunctioned, which was caused their bodies to explode instantly

Byford Dolphin Accident

The accident was a human error with some technical factors, the reason for the accident was the operator deliberately released the clamp which held the diving bell in place while the hatch was still open and the bell still pressurized.

The man should never have done this. But there also could have been technical measures like interlocks or warning lights that prevent the operator from releasing the clamp. As we all know humans do make mistakes sometimes, it's our habit, to watch Byford Dolphin Accident bodies autopsy photos and further story Click Here