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Muldersdrift Shooting Incident Man Shot In Head By Police

muldersdrift shooting incident

Muldersdrift Shooting Incident Man Shot In Head By Police

The tragic thing happened at the Misty Hills Lodge in Muldersdrift while a man was shot in the head by police after a little argument between them,

The incident occurred on Saturday, November 2021, a man shot by a police yesterday after he refused to leave the lodge which was kicked out by the staff,

In the video, which already gone viral on social media, shows how a man and police officers are exchanging words for the matter the lodge staff they called them to,

Muldersdrift Incident Shooting

The report says the man was asked to leave the Misty Hills Lodge and his money will be refunded but he refused,

The staff call security for him, then they start arguing and in the other hand the man telling one of the police officers: are you going to shoot me?

According to the spokesperson the man was shot in the forehead, then he went into coma and now he's being checked into the hospital

Many people in the social media made comments for the Muldersdrift incident shooting after they watched the video

Muldersdrift Lodge Shooting

In the video you would hear and watch when a man is trying to put his underwear as a one of police officers, saying, 'Now you are playing dangerous' then the man approach him with a gun in his hand

Maybe the police shot that man because he saw a gun with him, and now Muldersdrift lodge shooting case is being investigated by The Independent Police Investigative  Directorate (IPID)